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MetroShot Expands Local Photo Tours to Real Estate and Home Buyers in Tucson, Arizona

MetroShot LLC announces the addition of Tucson, Arizona to their Local Photo Tours website. Area real estate and home buyers can now take a picture tour of the area and connect with local business before shopping for property there.

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June 27th, 2005 -- Continuing their commitment to the best local photograph tours online MetroShot LLC is proud to announce the addition of Tucson to their list of featured cities. Site visitors will find local photo tours, information and business links throughout Tucson, Arizona.'s photo tours included professionally shot local images of parks, municipal buildings and area attractions. Additionally, in the Tucson local photo tours section visitors will find high-quality pictures of the Tucson Town Hall, Randolph Municipal Golf Course, Tucson Convention Center, Saint Augustine Cathedral, Downtown Tucson, Tucson Museum of Art, San Xavier del Bac Mission, Park Place Mall, El Con Mall, Joel D. Valdez Main Library, Hi Corbett Field, Hotel Congress, Tucson Mountain Park, Gene Reid Park, El Presidio and Sunset Park, John F. Kennedy Park, Reid Park Zoo and the Tucson skyline.

The new MetroShot website aims to be a convenience for home and real estate buyers in Arizona. Before spending the time going to an area looking for homes visitors can take a photo tour of the location from their computers. With a couple mouse clicks a site visitor can compare areas and determine which looks most appealing to them. Additionally, MetoShot Local Photo Tours offer a complete guide to the area with links to local business, attractions, jobs and real estate agent referrals.

Unlike promotional photos usually supplied by home sellers, presents local views that more realistically showcase a location. Home and real estate buyers will see what an area looks like on normal days, not scenes with untypical lighting or weather used to add a dramatic effect to the photos.

MetroShot Local Photo Tours are among the highest resolution available on the internet. The newest pictures are shot with a wide-angle lens that provides a panoramic view of the destination and scene. gives real estate and home buyers a convenient and objective photo tour of Tucson, Arizona at this website address:

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